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Mediation is a voluntary way of dealing with disputes and the effects of crime, which aims to enable people to reach an agreement that satisfies everyone.

The process allows those involved the opportunity to explore ways of resolving a conflict by using a third, neutral party. It gives them the chance, whether aggrieved or not, to take responsibility to resolve the dispute or reach agreement by coming up with their own practical solutions which will benefit all involved.
Focusing on the future encourages participants to rebuild relationships rather than apportioning blame for what has happened in the past. By acknowledging feelings as well as facts it allows participants to communicate effectively and, to let go of anger and upset and move forward.
Mediation is generally more cost effective and quicker than going to court, and is a flexible process that can be used to settle disputes in a whole range of situations.
It is also an excellent preventative tool and can be used effectively to lower tension and feelings of anger and to stop problems escalating and becoming worse.